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Being the first leading pioneer in the North of Vietnam with over 20 years experiences in PVC hard and soft pellet production co-operative and officially founded in 2007, Trong Thanh has become the leading producer and distributor in the North, South and the whole nation of Vietnam in such pellet production industry. All the types of PVC pellet produced by TrongThanh have been widely applicable to various fields in PVC plastic production as: sheath of electrical cable, conduits, conducts, sockets, connectors, plastic bottles and containers, water hoses...Our products have been proved that it cause no environment pollution or any impacts to people's health meanwhile ....


PVC pellets in general and Trong Thanh PVC pellet in particular has been widely applied from industrial purpose to daily life domestic use. Our customers use Trong Thanh pellet to produce such products as sheath of electrical cable, conduits, conducts, ...



Trong Thanh presently locates its workshop in an area of 8000 m2 at Tien Son Industrial Zone with hundreds of general workers and staffs. All are trained professionally from their ability to use modern machines, quality control process to ...



More than 20 years since its foundation, Trong Thanh has expanded its market and built a close relationships with its big partners which have potential demand in PVC industry.
We take this chance to send our Thank you to all of Trong Thanh customers in the last time having supported