Trong Thanh has come our trusted supplier over the lasting years for their high quality PVC pellets...

We totally believe in PVC pellets that Trong Thanh has supplied during the last years. We currently set up plans to import more from Trong Thanh for our production expansion.

Home Partner


More than 20 years experience in its production field, Trong Thanh has expanded its market and maintained close relationships with its big partners which have large demand in PVC industry.
We take this chance to send our special thanks to all of our customers with a hope to continue develop and maintain our valuable relations. We commit to produce the high quality control PVC pellets at the very professional manner and services.

Here under is the list of our partners:


1.    TRAN PHU Electric Mechanical Joint Stock Company                 9.    VAN XUAN Power Cables Company Limited
2.    NGOC KHANH Power Cables Company Limited                       10.    CADI YEN VIEN Power Cables Company Limited
3.    CADISUN Power Cables Company Limited                                11.    TATICO Company Limited
4.    SONG LONG Company Limited                                                     12.    HOANG NGAN Electrics Company Limited
5.    THUC THU Electrics Company Limited                                        13.    DONG TAN Power Cables Joint Stock Company Limited
6.    BINH MINH Electrics Company Limited                                        14.    TAT DAT Electrics Plant
7.    KOM DIEP Power Cable Plant                                                         15.    SUN VINA- HANKOOK Electrics Joint Stock Company
8.    ELMACO  Company Limited                                                             and some other companies.