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img4Being the first leading pioneer in the North of Vietnam with over 20 years experiences in PVC rigid and soft pellet production co-operative and officially founded in 2007, Trong Thanh has become the leading producer and distributor in the North, South and the whole nation of Vietnam in such pellet production industry. All the types of PVC pellet produced by TrongThanh have been widely applicable to various fields in PVC plastic production as: sheath of electrical cable, conduits, conducts, sockets, connectors, plastic bottles and containers, water hoses...Our products have been proved that it cause no environment pollution or any impacts to people's health meanwhile guarantee the high quality requires. Trong Thanh has invested on its modern machine and technology with an aim of improving the product quality and productivity to meet the large quantity orders with high and strict quality control queries especially in the power cable and domestic plastic production industries.

More than 20 years experience in PVC pellet production industry and quality control, Trong Thanh has widely expanded its domestic markets as well as internationally. The production output from 200 tons per month in 2008 has been promoted to 800 tons per month in 2010. Non-stop productivity has forced Trong Thanh to import latest machines and widen its workshop for large and high quality production in its equipment modernization process and to satisfy the large buyer's demands.

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